GUY Continues His Run With The Visuals For “Reminded” Featuring A-Money$


GUY is a real star, the world just doesn’t know it yet. This time around he blesses our pages with the video for “Reminded” featuring A-Money$. We see this duo in a diner and varsity attire, they both showcase the smooth flows and deliveries. GUY starts things off with a lush cadence never losing our attention in the slightest.

A-Money$ follows things up with a more rap-influenced flow, but this style is infectious right from the jump. Both of these artists do a great job of letting the song breathe instead of trying to stack their vocals and overcrowding the space. GUY is truly a man of the people and has been giving the fans what they want. Incredibly consistent drops, quality music, and visuals with actual thoughts behind them. If you aren’t hip to one of Jersey’s finest, it’s not too late, to get acquainted with the waves below.


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