Guy Links With 2ForWoyne For Their Electric Cut “Reloaded”


Guy has been on our pages before, but with his cut entitled “Reloaded” we see yet another shade of his talents. Linking with 2forwOyNE, this energetic three minutes and thirty-six seconds allows the world to see the wave this duo presents. With an uptempo register of production provided by Di$ & Jakik, this auditory canvas almost forces the body to move.

Guy has this ability to pen some brilliant records but he makes it happen with ease. His tone is precise but he utilizes the correct technique for whatever beat he chooses. With Trap Steve handling the direction of the video, we see these two making a DIY art studio until 2ForwOyNE gets picked up in bandages. Who knows how we got there, but it’s great to see a group of creatives put effort into their visuals. Nothing wrong with a run-and-gun video, but this is another side of artistry.

With 2ForwOyNE‘s verse melds incredibly well atop the instrumentation and accenting what Guy had set up initially. Hopefully, there’s more on the way because “Reloaded” is a great cut to round out Summer with. Until the next batch of gas peep it all below.


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