Happy Thanks Or Whatever


Thanksgiving has crept up upon us yet again, but do not fret, theres three wonderous songs below that will make dealing with your insufferable family, somewhat sufferable. Either way, be safe, enjoy the holidays, and remember this is stolen land.

Malik Elijah FT. Blvck Svm – Trix (Shot & Edited By Creator K)

Malik and Svm are two legends in the game who deserve all the spotlight. However, it isn’t because of antics outside of music. It’s because of the passion and precision that goes along with every release. Whether it’s a drop of their own or this collaboration named “Trix”, this duo builds off of each other’s styling. With shots and edits from Creator K, and production from Liam Clements, we see our protagonists shining in a lane all their own. Get hip to two of Rap’s brightest rising stars above.

Keyomani – Details

Keyomani is another name in the underground that deserves a vast amount of respect. With the newest drop called “Details” we hear this young man navigate the sonic skies on his own. His baritone delivery shines alone atop the beat but doesn’t waver throughout the song. The energy exuded makes for a real moment of expressive explosions aiming for your auditory cortex. Keyomani can not only sound like the artists in the big leagues, he can pen a song with the best of them. Don’t sleep on bro, it’s gonna be a big 2024.

Claire Yotts – DIVA

Claire has been on our radar for a minute now and it’s for a couple of reasons. One, is the music. It’s energetic, and modernized and showcases she’s not afraid to express herself. Two is her willingness to self-promote no matter how long it takes. This is the sign of real commitment to the art, someone who is unafraid to fail and instead pushes through the doubt. “DIVA” is a fun-loving record showcasing what Yotts is capable of. Easy-to-digest melodies, quick-witted lyrics, and a work ethic that’s second to none. Don’t sleep on Claire Yotts.

DAMAG3, Noir Benny – Big Smoke

DAMAG3, a noteworthy artist in the New Orleans scene, has been making waves in the underground hip-hop realm, both individually and as part of the emerging music collective Hidden Renaissance. Their latest release, “BIG SMOKE,” features the versatile NOIR BENNY, known for his eclecticstyle and potent lyrical prowess. “BIG SMOKE” is a lively punk-infused track that seamlessly melds rebellious energy with mind-bending elements. The song’s vibrant rhythm is propelled by robust guitar rifts and a dynamic rhythm section, as DAMAG3 and NOIR BENNY showcase their styling by fusing rap and rock influences. This one is special for real, don’t sleep.


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