He Has Rizzen


Little Easter Day Daily Chiefers action coming at you here. Not only should you feel extremely appreciative that we would go out of our way to deliver some bops for your holiday, but to be honest we’re just waiting to eat because nothing is getting done after din din. You know the drill by now, the gas is all below. Have a great day, be safe and make good decisions.

Astro Benja – Forever just us

This was sent to me by the bro so I had to tap in and man I was blown away from the jump. The styling he provides with his lush yet subtle tonality takes the ear into another world. Paired with the gentle strums from the old acoustic guitar and just the right amount of percussion, we hear a soundscape that would rival that of industry mainstays. This bedroom Pop realm or whatever you want to categorize this as, radiates a certain type of feeling. Most artists become very dreary when they deliver their vocals, but Astro remains precise through the entire duration. This one is special, do yourself a favor and peep it all above.

Juliana Maria – Obsessive

We’ve all been there before, finding this love that just takes you all the way off your pivot. The hots and colds of those relationships are very wild times and truly mold you into a different person whether you like it or not. Juliana Maria makes her first appearance on our pages with her cut “Obsessive” and this moving opus is not to be brushed aside. Maria tells her tale of being enamored with someone and how difficult it is to focus on anything else. I think the reason this song has some legs is because of the sheer relatability. Yes, we’ve heard similar waves but this is unique to Juliana’s wave. Her vocal approach is nothing short of stellar, the pen is lethal and you shouldn’t be surprised when you hear this name again. Do yourself a favor and tap into it all above.


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