Headband Henny Presents A Calming Set Of Flows On “Stove”


Henny was sent over by a friend of mine and right from the get-go, the things that stand out are the diverse melodies and poignant samples. These elements combine with the gentle percussion to accent Headband‘s baritone delivery. He raps about overcoming past trials and a lot of introspection goes on inside this young man’s head.

We love when artists let us into their worlds, especially from such a personal standpoint. Highlighting insecurities and motivating factors is one of the best ways to get to know an artist’s true character. And even then it’s really about how much the artist wants to divulge to the public, but Henny leaves it all on the line. The boisterous attitude melding with his pain makes for something special here.

Headband Henny can be one of those names that sticks around for a while because what you hear is pure. It comes from a place of real meaning and you can feel that in his storytelling. This Kalamazoo, Michigan-native is making music unlike what you would traditionally think the region would sound like, but man is this one stellar. Do yourself a favor and peep it all below.


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