Heembeezy Is On a Winning Streak


Over the last 4 months, Heembeezy has been absolutely flooding the market with unique flows and fire visuals. Teaming up with director akaBeto time and time again, the two have effortlessly built a report on the internet as one of the most consistent teams to date.

While his entire catalog has proven to be on you can just throw on shuffle and know that whatever comes on will satisfy most occasions, a couple of his releases from the last couple of months really stand out. The first is titled “Floccer” and showcases just how lyrically swift this dude is. The way he enunciates with dialed-in precision is so pleasing to the ear that you can’t help but muster up a stank face and nod your head to the beat. Listen to “Floccer” below:

The real revolutionary offering though is “Face no Book.” This is a record that has been out on SoundCloud for a bit, but two months ago Heembeezy finally dropped off his aesthetic visual and the record has since absolutely taken off. In only 2 months the video itself has garnered over one million views with thousands of likes and comments. The instrumental has an airy ambient sort of vibe that Heembeezy glides over perfectly. I mean I truly can’t speak any higher of the lyricism this guy brings. The quotables are nonstop and his voice is just so unique that it makes why this record in particular has gone up so much. It really is only a matter of time before people really start to respect how consistent this kid is releasing at a rate of roughly 2 music videos per month so far– all heaters.

I am certainly excited to continue to watch Heembeezy grow and after hearing these two records that are just the tip of the iceberg I am confident that you will too. Listen to “Face no Book” below:


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