What Does The Mysterious Childish Gambino Tweet And Countdown Clock Mean?



Is something on the way…

Childish Gambino has been oddly quiet on social media for a while now, but that changed for one short moment, early Wednesday morning (Jan. 7). After deleting all of his tweets and Instagram posts in December, Donald digitally re-emerged for the first time this morning, posting a quickly-deleted tweet (screenshot below, though) that only provided a link to a site.


The site that Gambino linked to is entirely black — except for a little countdown clock in the right corner, with white numbers. Barring some sort of reset, the clock will strike zero at 3 a.m. on Friday morning, January 9.

What will happen will when the clock is up? log-7465.io?…

Is there an announcement? A new music video? Another Gambino Album? Or, maybe, nothing? I’ll wait to see though.



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