Hodgy Beats Announces The End of MellowHype



Hodgy Beats and Left Brain have been best known for MellowHype, a duo of OFWGKTA that was honestly my favorite. According to HipHopDX, the Hodgy Beats and Left Brain duo will no longer be.

New Jersey native Hodgy Beats says that although he and Left Brain will no longer go by MellowHype, he said they would obviously continue to make music together. This is what Hodgy said:

“I feel like the identity of MellowHype is Hodgy Beats produced by Left Brain. I believe we’re growing as individuals and as a producer/rapper duo I believe we’re growing apart many ways and together many ways as well. My point of saying that is from now on there is no MellowHype. It’s Hodgy Beats produced by Left Brain.”

Hodgy Beats’ Dena Tape 2 is set to release on February 2nd.


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