HVN’s New Project “All Girls Go To Heaven” Is A Late Entry For AOTY


HVN is the most entertaining artist rising out of Houston right now. Under the wings of Zack Bia, this young man has extended the reach to the brim of mainstream notoriety. This eight-song project is exciting from start to finish and a good portion of that is because of the beat selection. There are few young artists who can choose instrumentation as well as HVN can. Ken Carson did a great job with his recent project and one cannot help but find parallels within their styling.

Regardless HVN intoxicated the listener with his approach and he basks in this modernized world. “Marine” is the lead single, but “South” moves the soul when the bass melds with his tone and the additional synthetics. “Hisneyland” hits you right in the spine all while the hi-hats curate a pocket that’s other-worldly. If you haven’t heard of this young man by now, it’s time to tap all the way in. All Girls Go To Heaven is no doubt a late entry for album of the year, but what do we know? Peep the gas below and we’ll talk to you soon.



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