I Once Scored 11 Points In A Rec Basketball Game


I can remember it like it was yesterday. 6th Grade. Beech Acres Gym. Nothing special but the ball was always the main focus atop the rubber court substitution. We didn’t need anything fancy, we just wanted to hoop. As the game began I was ready to eat. Hitting runners in the lane and utilizing every inch of the backboard to do so. Three possessions in a row I’m sinking these mid-range off-balance jumpers and this kid who used to bully me was getting so salty. “Somebody guard that fat ass, how is he doing this to us?” Because Derek I was in your fucking head and your absolute dog water at basketball.

Fast forward I run into him and his now-wife at a restaurant I was serving at last year. We both recognized each other but didn’t say what’s up. Though deep down that little pussy boy remembers the day that some fat fuck gave him buckets. And when I’m really in need of some motivation I hear good old Derek’s voice and I turn it up a little bit. Anyway, peep the gas below.

Moil – Millionaire

This one was sent to me by a dear bro and it’s a stellar blend of punk, rock and hyperpop. Moil was creating art under a different moniker a few years back, but this time it’s a new name with a modernized sound. You can hear the emotion Moil presents despite the influx of pitch correction and mind-bending edits. Truly impressed with this cut, hopefully, Moil opens the flood gates soon.

Cash Cobain And Chow Lee – Jholiday/Vacant

Cash and Chow are a more powerful duo than anyone in NYC as of late, but they quite literally march to a different pattern of percussion. Think of any R&B smash, Cash has probably flipped it on its head. Now that Cash is feeling more comfortable behind the mic, it’s really only a matter of time before he grows past a regional artist. As far as production Cobain is already known in the mainstream, but all of this work with Chow should push them both into the limelight. “Jholiday/Vacant” is vibrant from an auditory standpoint and the visuals are astounding, tap into the gas above.

2-6 Biggz – Villian

Biggz reminds me of a combination of Memphis-inspired cadences with airy instrumentation selection. The vocal quality is very rugged and almost too raw to an untrained ear. Though to those who understand that distortion and vocal effects add to the experience of the music, this is right up your alley. A compilation of quick cuts showcasing all of what 2-6 Biggz can do with his talents, get familiar.

Bucky Malone Featuring Innanet James – 2345

This one threw me off at first because of the quirky production as far as the synths go. But when the drums come in and Malone starts to paint the canvas, it all comes together in a brilliant cohesive package. With the percussion provided by PKK, when James steps in the room it’s always a treat to witness. Give this one a chance because it might just run through your head all day.

Gash The Reaper – Centuries

Gash is one of those southern artists straying away from the norm of what the regions are traditionally known for. His sound might need to develop a bit more, but we see shades of greatness within his ominous shots above. Obviously, The Reaper paints a portrayal of dark strength and anger, but the sounds are full of passion and emotion. “Centuries” is a solid intro to tap into this kid’s world, don’t get left behind.


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