Iann Dior Delivers With New “Industry Plant” Project


Iann Dior just released his long-anticipated project, Industry Plant. The Internet Money superstar has been showing promise, and now has validated all of the positive feedback he’s garnered so far.

Iann Dior starts his brand new project off with an electric collaboration with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, titled “Darkside.” After setting the bar high with the opening track, Iann continues to execute his punk-melodic ability with grace on the next track titled, “Problems”. We’ve already been privy to his tracks “Gone Girl” and “What Is Real”, however, hearing these hits in full rotation with the rest of the project adds even more value to them. They have a genuine place alongside the rest of his catalog, and further add to the cohesive nature of Industry Plant. In Iann’s track with Gunna, “Strings”, it seems like the collaboration  brought out a different side of the Internet Money star. It’s an angle of Dior that I would love to hear more of- truly some heat. Between flexing his own melodic ability and matching Gunna’s rhythmic talent with enthusiasm, Iann Dior breaks out of his sad boy shell to make “Strings” the banger that it is. It’s worth noting that the 15 track-long project includes just 5 features (the only artists not previously named in this article are Phem and PoorStacy, another Internet Money signee).

I wasn’t a big fan of his rendition of Smash Mouth’s “In Too Deep”, it didn’t seem as original as the rest of his work. However, I’m impressed by the project overall. Iann Dior finishes off strong with “Stay For A While”, a soothing goodbye for his 15-track album. Over the course of these 15 songs, Iann Dior demonstrates a clear ability to be himself on a variety of different beats. He’s the glue that makes all of these slightly different vibes mesh together. Check out Industry Plant below, and decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth the hype!


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