Impact RH Delivers His Highly Anticipated Ode to North Las Vegas With “Norf Pole”


The Las Vegas music scene is young, but it’s thriving. In the last decade, the city went from outlawing Hip-Hop shows outside of The Strip, to hosting 2019’s craziest festival line up with Day N Vegas, which was accompanied by one hell of a journey to get to that point. That journey was creating a local scene in Las Vegas. Spearheaded by artists like Richie Bux, Zotiyac, Le$LaFlame, Mikey PX and more, Sin City has carved it’s place in the West Coast and has gained the respect to go with it. Another reason for this happening has been the scorching resurgence of cult hero, Impact RH, who has had North Las Vegas, or Norf Town, in a stronghold since his 2017 release, 200 Miles Norf. After spending most of 2018 and 2019 developing his artistry, he releases his highly anticipated debut album, Norf Pole.

With production handled mostly in-house by his Real Hits collective, one of the most impressive qualities of Norf Pole is just how cohesive it is. Utilizing the 35-minutes to infectiously narrate his journey from boy to man in North Las Vegas, one of the vast improvements from his last project, is how polished his vocals are starting to become. Known for his ingenious melodic abilities, one gripe about Impact has always been that sometimes he mumbles, and is a bit hard to here. While at times this is still prevalent on Norf Pole, he spends the majority of the project showcasing just how well his pen and his melodic progression compliment one another, something that was hidden before.

As for standouts, that might be one of the harder things to decide, because this project has something for everybody. Whether you prefer a little bit of Dancehall or Afro Beat, (“No 1” & “Diamond”), some simp music, (“L.V. 2 N.O”) or just prefer to turn up, there’s a vibe for everyone on this project. BUT, if I had to choose one, it would be the project’s intro, “Maggianos.” He kicks the album off with a climatic entrance that starts with a surprisingly lyrically dense verse. Impact proves that he’s more than just a casual crooner, firing off a variety of witty one-liners. “They tryna stop be from ballin’ like Glory Road, they tryna stop me from ballin’ like Derrick Rose,” before he switches back to melodies and vocal run-ons. In short, he displays the whole arsenal, and then some, on the standout intro.

With, Norf Pole, finally released, it should be interesting to see how Impact capitalizes on the buzz. Either way, take a listen to the project below and get familiar with Las Vegas’ buzzing scene.



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