Indiana Rapper Richie Bux Recruits Impact RH As They Run Through Las Vegas In Their New Video For “Stickin & Movin”


The ability to adapt is one of the most underrated qualities a human being can have. I mean, just think about it. All of your favorite people to be around are people who can be flexible if need be, and don’t necessarily need to be catered to. In short, they’re open to try new things. For artists, this is always tough, but usually results in a little bit of mainstream recognition. Switching up his style a bit, Indiana native Richie Bux enlists Impact RH for their engaging new video for “Stickin & Movin.”

Directed by GioVisuals, the video for “Stickin & Movin” takes place throughout Las Vegas, following Richie and Impact on a journey throughout the city to make some plays. Produced by 44wxrld, the video is soundtracked to thumping production, and an auto-tuned draped Bux who’s debut in that sound is quite impressive. Utilizing more melodies than ever before, Bux creates one of the first radio-friendly singles of his young career, opting to try and expand on the aggression rap he’s known for. With Impact providing a solid performance to finish the track out, the combination of the video with those qualities prove exactly why the track was a standout from Bux‘s Early Infamy 2.5: Prize Fight project.

Take a look at the video below, and keep an eye on Richie Bux.


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