Jelly’s New Album “Wolf Of Peachtree 2” Is A Brilliant Return To Glory


Jelly had taken a brief hiatus from dropping music, but the people are welcoming him back into the mix with open arms. Wolf Of Peachtree 2 is the next installment in proving that this young man is meant to be a part of the conversation. Yes, the Pi’erre beats don’t hurt things by any means, but Jelly‘s unique tone and cadences are what win the day.

Right away on “Motion”, you are greeted by the colorful synths only the Soss House camp could curate and Jelly pulls up from three with his vocals. The only feature on here is “Bubble Gum” with the legend Juicy J, but other than that this is all about our main character.

“In And Out” has a had a stellar moment, but cuts like “This Aint That” and “Ice Cream” stand out because of the pocket that the entire cohesive package creates. Back to highlighting Jelly‘s auditory approach to things, it’s almost in the same realm as a 42 Dugg, Boosie, or Youngboy register. Not in the sense that Jelly sounds like any of the previously mentioned, he is just that easy to pick out of a lineup before you see the credits. Jelly is on his way to becoming a staple in the game, so do yourself a favor and peep this one below.


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