Joony’s New Project “Pretty In Black” Makes A Case For Being AOTY


You read that right, Joony‘s “Pretty In Black” is easily one of the best projects of the year.

Here’s my case for it:

  1. Production

Backed by heavyweights like Charlie Heat, CashmoneyAP, Ben10k, Rascal, and blossoming up and comers like 8een, Danes Blood, and others, the production on Pretty In Black ranges from vapor trap to house to afrobeats. Joony‘s attention to detail and ability to build a world with his album allows the listener to explore the facets of his versatility.

2. Versatility

Having a couple of different types of production on your project isn’t a new phenomenon but Joony takes it to a whole different level. Fitted with tire screeches and fast-paced, house-influenced production, “Drifting in Tokyo” feels like Joony is reminiscing while driving around Japan.

Then on the next song “Zoom Zoom” with Jordan Ward, the Maryland native delivers short and sweet vocals that ornament production that is a mashup of Blxst-esq Cali production with bits of Motown-ish bass riffs. Despite pulling from different influences, the songs stitch together perfectly.

3. A Distinct and Unique Vision

With rapper and singer clones running rampant and contests for who can imitate the biggest artist the best, Pretty In Black really stands out from the pack. Instead of ripping off his influences, the 21-year-old gently integrates them into his sound and elaborates on their best qualities. Check out the project below.


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