Jordan Ward & Joony Team Up on Funky New Single “IDC”


Jordan Ward and Joony are two names we are very familiar with over here at Chiefers. Independently of each other, the two have been consistently bringing the heat with every single offering. Though it has been some time since fans have heard anything new from Jordan Ward since his staple EP Remain Calm dropped about a year ago with highlight single “Lil Baby Crush,” the Saint Louis-bred artistic mastermind has officially linked up with Joony, together bringing us their utterly relatable funky anthem, “IDC.”

This track is a movie– literally. The charismatic narrative of the aftermath of breaking off a toxic relationship is perfectly depicted in the Brent Campanelli-directed music video shot in Brooklyn, NY. When it comes to being an artist (or really anyone with the intentional drive to achieve great things) a lot of relationships can’t handle the “getting money state of mind” and focus that is required to bring those big visions to life. It is the core foundation that keeps everything moving– a mindset that most goal-oriented individuals can immediately relate to their own lives. When you insert a relationship though, the balance can be tough, especially when your partner does respect this mentality and toxically “brings up old news” doing everything they can to “take your soul” out of the game. Jordan Ward and Joony highlight this reality perfectly with scenes of ex-girlfriends moving on quickly to other men while the two artists make it clear that they’re going to stay focused regardless of what their exes want to do. It’s just easier to say “I don’t care” and keep moving towards what it takes to get rich.

The song is catchy, the story is perfectly illustrated, and the funky upbeat style turns an unfortunate narrative into one you can feel good absorbing. Everyone involved in this production did an incredible job bringing the song to life and it is certainly one you will find yourself adding to your daily playlist. If you haven’t had a chance to peep the video yet you can do so below. I am definitely excited to see what Jordan Ward and Joony continue to bring us down the road.


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