Jugg Harden Returns With Another Prolific Project Called “Detroit USA”


Jugg is one of the best from Detroit, plain and simple. His unrelenting work ethic keeps his fans glued to the edge of their seat waiting to see what he’ll bless them with next. Today Jugg just dropped off Detroit USA and it’s no surprise that this one is filled with heaters from top to bottom.

Jugg is never afraid to give the people music. 14 new cuts, after dropping another full-length project in November of 2023, only showcase how much this man is creating. And it’s never a filler because a good portion of these songs could truly be breakout hits. Cuts like “Sick”, “Slime” and “Yessirski” put together a triumphant run on the front end of the project. Then leading into “Bullshit”, “Parlay” and “30 Dayz”, we are shown just why the world needs to pay attention to Jugg.

Overall the cohesion of this project is a huge plus because of the sheer fluidity of Harden‘s style. He’s not trying to be anyone but himself and it’s shining through every damn time. Do yourself a favor and peep all of the gas below.


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