Just Be Chill


Nobodies perfect. But we aren’t asking you to be. We only ask that you treat people with kindness and respect aka how you’d like to be treated. If you mess up, apologize, learn from it and work to be better. Just be chill.

YB – Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines

Arkansas is back on our pages with YB‘s Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines. Not only is this one of the best-titled projects of the year, relating to my old ass playing the game, but the music meshes well with the theme. YB gifts a feeling of resilience from start to finish and can only be felt when listening all the way through. On the front side “Mountains” stands in the powerful number 2 spot, but “Praying Hands” hits clean up and it’s for a real reason. While “Take It There” and “Keep Fighting” made me stop in my tracks to pay attention, there isn’t one cut that feels out of place. This project builds off cohesion and it’s wondrous to see. Get hip to YB above.

Don Don – Emperor

This one was sent to me by a very trusted ear, so I had to tap in expeditiously. Don Don gives off an overly ominous and infectious tone throughout this project called Emperor. With cuts like “Black Spindle”, and “Redd Rum” we hear diverse feelings, but still top-tier delivery with an intoxicated vocal prowess. But then songs like “Rihanna” and “Not Enough” round out this album with sheer confidence. Don Don has a modernized tone but isn’t getting washed away in comparison to others. Solid music, real identity, and a chance to run it up, don’t sleep on bro.

Amber Ryann – Can’t Focus

Amber Ryann makes her first appearance on our pages with “Can’t Focus” and this one basks in a technicolor, lucid realm. The passionate effort oozes strong feelings of love and loss. Ryann‘s voice is powerful but knows when to draw back to allow the instrumentation to accent her vocal glow. A relatable tune about how feelings can cloud our minds and quite literally distract from tasks at hand. But that’s what great music is and Amber Ryann made just that.

2-6 Biggz – Real N***a On 3

2-6 Biggz and Chuck Inglish link up for “Real N***a On 3”, a grimy and intoxicating soundscape. Inglish is obviously one of the most talented of the underground and anything he gifts an artist is going to be stellar. Biggz doesn’t disappoint with his arduous tone and bellowing attitude. Not taking any prisoners, he enters a trance-like state to deliver his piece to the people. This is not for the faint of heart or the novice ear, this is unfiltered heat.

ManMan Savage And Shad Da God – Supermodelchick (Produced By ATTNWHORE)

ManMan Savage And Shad Da God link up atop an ATTNWHORE beat and this one goes crazy. With direction from ManMan himself and Dre Vegas, “SUPERMODELCHICK” is a laid-back anthemic cut from some Southern underground legends. Savage starts things off with his braggadocious, extensive boasts, but does it with precision. Then Shad comes through with a melodic dose of what the game needs. Though both of these guys are vastly overlooked, those who know about their abilities always keep them in the conversation. But until the next drop, peep it all above.


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