justicexavier Is The “Man On The Moon”


The stank face didn’t come off the first time I heard this. From the inflections in his voice to the flow changes and even a beat change, this track is a lyrical masterpiece and as real of hip hop as you’ll find. While it reminds me of some underground greats like Wiki, Justice Xavier has proven he can go bar for bar with anyone from any era. 

The nineteen year old not only has a sharp pen and ability to deliver over any beat, but his willingness to be vulnerable and open up on his tracks is really what makes him stand out for me. It’s rare to find such a polished, confident, and skilled artist at such a young age and we’ve already seen the results pay off with his numbers. 

Coming into his own more and more with each track, Justice Xavier has had an incredible debut year and it’s only a matter of time before the budding artist is a household name and fills the void we’re seeing in hip hop as the lyrical greats begin to slow their output. Make sure to check out “MAN ON THE MOON” below.


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