K. Charles Is Back With His Fire New Project Titled “LFC”


K. Charles is back in the mix, but he never really left. With his new project LFC we hear him not only shine from a talent perspective, but this kid is building a fan base from the ground up. With 16 cuts on this album, you hear a variety of styles, but each one seems to be right in the pocket for K. He doesn’t need any features on this opus either. Instead, he’d rather gift the people the real him with no distractions.

Over the past year K. Charles has been on countless Rolling Loud stages and that’s really where the title LFC comes from. Live From The Crowd is the meaning of the enigmatic project but if you think about it, that’s all K really wants. The ability to connect with his fans and find new ones right by their side in the pit. With skill and sheer passion, K.Charles is looking to become your new favorite rapper.

Cuts like “iPhone”, “Geeked” and “Tomagachi” ring brightly for my personal preference, but there is not a boring moment in this effort. K. Charles will continue to build his audience and the music is only getting better so peep the gas below.


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