Kayana Newest Single “Fallen” Showcases Her Range


Kayana’s is dropping consistently, and the world is better for it. The Boston singer appeared on my radar last year with her 2021 single “typing…” and immediately enchanted me with her taffeta-like vocals and soul-easing runs. She’s mesmerizing and affectionate, making the possessive nature of the record tender.

Kayana’s latest single, “Fallen,” showcases her range in uncharted ways. Close your eyes and you’ll notice the music is hypnosis-inducing. Vinny Vici‘s smoky midrange “You stole my heart when I saw you” set the stage for the submission. Satiny drums, drizzling rings from the chimes and bells, and a guitar vibrato gliding across the soundscape, Kayana can’t help but fall in love. Her swanky, vaporous voice alchemizes the fear of the descent into unbound anticipation. A billowing falsetto that could swath a bottomless pit with liveness sinks and cascades downward like honey trickling from a nozzle in slow motion.


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