Kenny Hoopla – Beneath The Willow Tree// EP



Get used to Kenny Hoopla. This Wisconsin native is here to stay on our site. You will not hear his style in any other artist. He just dropped a surprise first EP entitled Beneath The Willow Tree, and I can’t stress to all of you how important this project is to me.

I’m going to let you in on a personal secret, I’m not the happiest person. Kenny’s music gives me an outlet that I can channel my anger and sadness into. This 7 song project features only one artist, Bray Costello, but feature the production of Marcu$, youkilledkenny, Black Kemuri, DRK$PRK, hitmayng, and Nate France.

Kenny is one Milwaukee artist that I can honestly say, is one of the most well-rounded and talented people I know// have ever encountered. After he dropped this project, he followed it with a tweet that reads, “the next one will be better. soon.” Holy fuck. Check out Beneath The Willow Tree below.



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