Kenny Mason Is Atlanta’s Newest Prophetic Artist, Peep His Incredible Album “Angelic Hoodrat”


If you have been paying even an ounce of attention to the always stellar Atlanta music world, Kenny Mason has been one of those names that has risen above the rest. Whenever he drops it seems as if there is a massive influx of support from his fans and the industry alike. He’s not an artist built off gimmicks and he’s the farthest thing from an industry plant. The sound is far too genuine to be built by the machine and in these fourteen cuts make us witness his unwavering, authentic greatness.

Songs like “Hit“, “Metal Wings” and “Angelic Hoodrat” are already known to the fans, but they still possess a great deal of replay value. To have three brooding singles like the aforementioned, that the world can fall in love with is already great. Then to follow those up with an incredible opus only furthers my point. Kenny Mason not next up, he’s right now and his wave is a vital piece of Atlanta’s illustrious story.

“Chevron” is a real standout because of the bounce that the cut creates. From this electric instrumentation, Kenny takes pure inspiration and brings joyous flows that entice our ears with every bar. Then following is “Handles”, an alternative track that allows Mason to show off his softer side. There are numerous shades of genres in this young man’s wheelhouse, while his melding through all of this seems quite effortless.

“30” will make the golden-era rap fans lose their shit. From the classic beat loop and subtle piano keys, Kenny aims for the neck in an unrelenting manner. He can turn a fundamental record into a potential smash with only his pen. “Pretty Thoughts” is a passionate, melodic cut that builds into a chaotic dissemblance of percussion. Then this wondrous, disorganized chaos flows into another side of the song where Kenny shines yet again.

“Angels Calling // My Dad” is an introspective chance for Kenny to reflect on the journey he’s had thus far. Broken in two pieces, the latter of the duo slows things down, but puts a mind-bending flow in the spotlight. After that it’s “Once Again”, another slowed down track that brims with a bright tufts of bass. Accented by soft keys, the layering of Mason’s vocals evoke a hopeful feeling.

Overall this is one of the best albums of 2020 thus far and you have to understand how vital this kid is to Atlanta. He’s adding to the already rich lineage of the city, but in his own methodically moving story. We are thoroughly impressed with what this kid has already brought to table and his story is going to span on through a number of incredible chapters. Do yourself a favor, blare this at high decibels, piss off your neighbors and delve into this madness below.


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