Kenny Mason Rages on His New Cut, “Play Ball”


Kenny Mason has been on a roll as of late. He has been dropping innovative hip-hop records consistently since the release of his debut project. However, on “Play Ball” he takes a leap into pop-punk and gives us an impressive record. What stands out to me (besides the kick-ass vocals) is the production of the song. The heavy guitar riff pulled me into the track, and the drum pattern is reminiscent of Travis Barker. The instrumental breakdown is immaculate as well; the voices chattering over the silence bring an experimental feel to the track. 

The vocals Kenny delivers are one of a kind and not to be expected over this instrumental. He is halfway rapping and then singing; this avant-garde approach I find very appealing. Since I was expecting more a less revivalist take to the song, I was pleasantly surprised! Make sure you tap in below!


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