Kill Jasper Is A Star In The Making, Tap Into His New Visuals For “2 Fast”


The good bros over at Overcast have gifted the world yet again another wild set of frames. From the mind of Daniel Jordan K, we see Kill Jasper pour his heart out, while moving through a mental haze of heartbreak and intoxication. Jasper has a serious vocal range and already knows how to pen a hit. The insane guitar riff is simple, but works incredibly well with this set of percussion.

These shots seem to take place inside the head of Jasper making it difficult to differentiate reality from the fictitious world. This guy is going to make a stellar run because he possesses that star power the rest don’t. And with a voice like this, the fans are going to flock to almost anything he drops. We know what we’re talking about over here, so don’t get left behind.


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