Lawsy and DotComNirvan Drop Off The Visuals For “Hotel”


In just a short span of a few weeks, Lawsy has taken over the world by storm. His hit single “Hotel” has completely taken over TikTok, and also helped to pioneer a new genre of music that Lawsy likes to call “Sexxnb”. Since its release, the track currently has 3.7+ million streams on Spotify, 837k plays on Soundcloud, and has topped numerous charts. Now, Lawsy has teamed up with DotComNirvan to bring us the very-highly anticipated video to his hit single.

The video serves as a grand tour of the newly constructed Lawsy Hotel, the most luxurious establishment in all of the hotel/hospitality industry. Lawsy leads the tour and takes us through all of the rooms in the building, highlighting all of the amazing amenities that the Lawsy Hotel has to offer. The best part is that he does this while performing, who knew Lawsy was so good at multi-tasking. Nirvan goes above and beyond in this video. I’ve always been a fan of DotComNirvan and the content he brings to the table, and his work on this video takes it to the next level for me. He’s a creative genius, and I’m so excited to see what he has coming next. I hope this article has made you decide to go on Expedia and book your trip to the Lawsy Hotel ASAP, but I’m linking the “Hotel” video down below just incase you need a little bit more convincing. Check it out!


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