Less Talk, More Work: The Ty2Fly Interview


Coming across good music is easy to come by these days but consistent artists are few and far between. Ty2Fly, hailing from Tampa, FL, has been on my radar for a minute now with his ear-catching vocal range and much more. Ty and I had an opportunity to chop it up about his life and the music world in his eyes. Get to know this rising artist in our Chiefers’ exclusive below.

EY: Ty man. How are you doing? Whatcha been up to these days besides making quality music?

TY: I’m doing great bro, really just been making quality music. I don’t really leave the house 😂

EY: That’s good to hear that you’re doing great. Where are you from? Are you still there now?

TY: I’m from Tampa Florida & I’m really on the road most of the time but I sneak back here for a lil without anybody knowing.

EY. When you’re not in Tampa, where are you typically at? Business trips? Making memories?

TY: Yea. [I] really just try to move around and get connected with other creatives usually in Dallas or LA.

EY: Dallas and LA are the spots for sure. Definitely biased since I’m from Dallas but at what age did you start making music?

TY: I started making music when I was a kid but it was just lil raps me and my friends did in the neighborhood but, I actually dropped my first official song when I was in 11th grade, so probably 17.

EY:  When you first started making music, who were some of your inspirations? Along with that, what really pushed you to start taking it seriously?

TY: When I first started making music I mean, obviously you got Drake, T-Pain, Roddy Ricch people like that really inspired me. But what really pushed me to actually take music serious is when I made my first song on a halfway decent mic, I was like I can do this shit fr.

EY:  If you were to describe your sound when you started making music compared to now, what would that be? What’s the change if any?

TY: My sound when I started making music, I was trying to sound like Lil Baby cause that’s the type of music everybody was making and I wanted to be accepted but now I  just make the music I like and I wanna hear but definitely if you go through my discography you’ll hear a big difference!

EY: If you had one song to show anyone to become a fan of yours, which song would that be and why?

TY: It would definitely be the song I just dropped “FREE YOUNG THUG”. I feel like I finally found my sound, like that’s Ty2Fly, but you never know what you might get from me.

EY:  I remember seeing that gain some buzz on TikTok with the comparisons to “Roddy Ricch on a hyperpop beat”. I was introduced to your music from the single “Party All Night” describe how that song came to fruition? What was the creative process behind it?

TY: That song was one more bad beat away from not being made. I went through countless beats that night and then boom, I heard the beat and I was like yeah I gotta do some with this.

EY:  What was your reaction when “Party All Night Long” started gaining some major traction on TikTok?

TY: Uhhh it was like I knew it was gonna do something but when everybody started doing the trend, I was like damn this nuts fr but it was a cool experience.

EY: I remember seeing that ericdoa co-sign. What was going through your head when he had commented on it?

TY: Nah when I saw Eric‘s comment, I was like noooo wayyyyyyy. He’s definitely somebody I looked at and watched being a new person in hyperpop. Definitely a cool moment

EY: Eric is always good people man. I’ve had a chance to chop with him a couple of times. It’s all love from him. I wanna shed light on your recent instagram post/reel about your recent release “FREE YOUNG THUG” with the VP A&R of YSL taking notice. With A&R’s reaching out to you frequently, what’s been on your mind regarding that? How does the attention make you feel?

TY: Yea,  A&R’s reach out pretty frequently. I recently just got a great manager on my team so he can help navigate through that and it feels good that people are actually starting to notice like this kid got something and I wanna get in on it early.

EY: I’m happy for you. You got a good head on your shoulders as far as this life stuff goes along with the music. Let’s talk about your creative process. What goes into making a song? Assuming you get flooded with beats, what do you look for in production as well?

TY: I appreciate that bro. My creative process is simple, whatever I’m feeling that day, get that type of loop record on the loop then have one of my producer friends make the beat around it. I rarely record on loops and producers are so shocked when I ask for loops instead of beats.

EY: What are some goals that you have for yourself?  What are you dreaming of in regard to music?

TY: Some goals [that] I have for myself this year is really steadily improving and building a real fan base and being consistent. My dream as far as music is to just have fun and see how far it can take me.

EY:  Any other hobbies besides making music? Walk me through a day in the life of Ty2Fly!

TY: Shit, if I’m not making music I’m probably on a walk or fishing. I don’t like going out the house like that.

EY: That’s always good to get out and get some fresh air though for sure. If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

TY: I always said this but T-Pain is one of my inspirations so making a song with him would mean a lot to me.

EY: What can we expect from Ty2Fly this year?

TY: You can expect some great things. I don’t really like talking, just like showing.

EY: And last question: If you could give any advice to up-and-coming artists, what would that be?

TY: For up-and-coming artists, my advice is to just work hard fuck the haters. Your time will come when it’s meant to be.

Stay tuned for more from Ty and check out some of our favorite records throughout the entirety of the interview above. Tap in.


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