Life Kicks Ya In The Balls Sometimes


It’s how you recover from the swift kick to the nuts and life will always deliver on its kicks. Resilience is a trait that we all should adopt because other than taxes there are no real guarantees other than L’s. I’ve tried to bounce back from each loss and instead of dwelling on the negative, I search for the lesson involved. With that growth comes an understanding and appreciation for new sounds of musical expression. The traditional boundaries that confine our taste aren’t necessarily our fault, but it is our responsibility to seek new ways to indulge in the waves of the earth. Below is a wide variety of songs, but they all respectfully slap. Be well and peep the gas below.

Cove – YOU + ME

Cove is one of Philly’s brightest rising stars. His pen and melodic approach to music is infectious and full of energy. “You+Me” is a lush dreamworld of synths and percussive bliss. This young man is only a few cuts away from mainstream notoriety, but that’s never been the focus. It’s just been about dropping new music and paving his own lane, while letting the rest all fall into place. Don’t be surprised when you hear Cove all over the place soon, but until then peep the gas above.

Ahmad Anonimis – Idle

Ahmad can’t be put into a basic category because his skillset extends far past that. On “Idle” we hear a melding of his wonderful rap based cadences paired with soft, yet attention-grabbing croons. You could obviously see Ahmad growing within a Dreamville or even TDE camp, but whereever he ends up, the true identity of his music will always bleed through. Peep “Idle” above.

Jack Kays – Finally Free

Jack Kays is always going to be a name in the conversation because of his honest approach to music and life alike. “Finally Fine” is a breath of fresh air and for once it seems like Jack is really like the title. Such a great thing for his fans to see especially when he’s so open about the issue of mental health. The subtle imperfections of all of us make each person special and Kays wants his following to appreciate the beauty of their time while they’re here. A real artist making a difference in his fan’s lives with every chance he can get, Jack Kays is a real-life super hero.


Dave‘s music is rough around the edges but I think that’s the whole point. But the beauty of it is there isn’t any attempt to fit in, it’s just beautifully Coresh. SMOKENMIRRORS has replay value and these six cuts allow the world to find solace in this man’s mind. Of course “IDGAF” might have gotten you in the door, but the cuts like “DUMBLUCK” and “CHECK MY CHECK” urge you to stick around. It’s refreshing, unafraid and honest music, get hip to Dave Coresh.

Chris Buxton – Olivia

Chris Buxton has a beautifully approachable voice and his newest single called “Olivia” is something special. With the steady tempo assisting Buxton and his shining sound, this heartfelt message to a lover takes us to another place. Music and art, in general, should transfer emotion to the consumer and this song does just that. You could hear this being synced or just for sheer enjoyment in the future, but “Olivia” has made us fans of Chris.

Bazio – Mad

This is a smash and or my favorite song as of late. Bazio floats atop this progressive instrumentation with a hint of falsetto. The chorus is catchy as all get out and his raps consistently impress from start to finish. There are a good portion of the pop-leaning artists who continue to attempt to rap, but they either bore me or make me cringe. Bazio does neither and has made me a fan, get hip above.

Marto – Innocent

Marto‘s “Innocent” finds him running through the hills with a technicolor set of edits and sounds. His hyperpop realm entrances the viewers and meshes with these mind-bending edits. While Marto spills his feelings on the pavement it’s not much of surprise that the world will be impressed by his talents. The drums take from a bit of Garage inspiration and push the tempo to brim. Overall this is a solid song and set of frames, peep it all above.

Charlie Wayy – Sweet Sixteen

Charlie Wayy makes very fundamentally sound music because he pays attention to details which forces the world to take note. On his new project Sweet Sixteen, we hear sixteen different cuts showcasing his breeding ground through music, the Bronx. There are no issues with cadence, talents, or beat selection and if you’re not already hip to Charlie‘s work, this is a great introduction. Personal favorites include “Rick Rude” and “Candyman”, but find your favorite of the bunch above.

Ayo Sk3tch & 2tone – Poppin

Ayo and AP have linked up for the visuals for “Poppin” and this one is just a ball of kinetic energy waiting to be unleashed to the viewer. Instead of being drab and not focusing on the fun of the world, this duo is showcasing they have a blast when they drop some music. The formula doesn’t need to be that over-thought out, instead, it just needs to catch the eye and grab attention. Each of these two holds our focus and does so with catchy lines and sturdy confidence.

Yummy Pearl – Get Right

Yummy Pearl is coming out West Point, Georgia and her music is simply commanding. On her latest “Get Right” the ear cannot ignore nor deny the confidence that blares from your speakers. Her voice is powerful but basks in some sensual feminity. This production also allows her to shine instead of being overpowered by the beat. Pearl could run this up for a minute and she’s already killing shit. Until the next batch of gas, peep it all above.



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