Lil 2 Dow Drops A Banging New Album, “Benzo Baby 2”


Marino Infantry affiliate Lil 2 Dow just dropped a fire new album titled, Benzo Baby 2. If you’re familiar with A$AP Ant and Marino Infantry, you’ve probably heard of Lil 2 Dow. He’s one of my favorite Marino members, and you’d probably feel the same after hearing this masterpiece. He demonstrates an old-school hip-hop influence in the album, reminding me of some of Houston and LA’s most classic hits. I’m really impressed by his lyricism on Benzo Baby 2.

With bars like, “When I eyeball work, I look like Fetty Wap,” 2 Dow had me head-bopping and cracking up simultaneously. He features fellow Marino members LuLu P and A$AP Ant, with LuLu on the “Rack Of Cheese Skit” interlude and YG Addie on “Marino’s Theme.” Some other fire tracks off the album include “Clockin’ Gs”, “Do For Money”, “Ain’t No Boxing”, and “Never Seen A UFO.” I think 2 Dow has the potential to be what YBN Cordae is for YBN, and what Twelvyy is for A$AP. He’s very talented, and has a classic vibe to his music that could be appreciated by anybody. Check out his latest project for yourself below!



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