Lil Mexico Is The Next Big Thing Out Of South Carolina


Photo by Zorrs.

Gray Court, South Carolina is a very small town within South Carolina that holds less than 1,000 people, and that’s exactly where Lil Mexico is from. And to be honest, his music a straight reflection of that.

Coming from such a small town, about 20 minutes outside of Spartanburg, South Carolina, Lil Mexico uses his grit to convey a message that only a few people know about. Some of his counterparts include Chiefers favorites Ron$oCold, NGeeYL, and Slime Dollas, along with a bunch of other artists. His local support is real.

Now, with his long-awaited Life of an Outlaw project coming soon, it looks like Mexico is ready to start pushing shit out, and we’re here for it! The entire aforementioned album is supported and produced by platinum and Grammy-nominated producer, Jetsonmade, the producer known for his work on DaBaby’s hit single, “Suge,” and many others.

Recently, Mexico dropped off “Glocks & Drums” with YSL legend, Lil Gotit, and his “Trap Boys” remix with 1017 star child, Yung Mal, so you know this cat is about to heat up! Until then, tap in with the South Carolina rapper below, and stay tuned for more.


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