Lil Motor Keeps His Foot on the Gas with His New KrispyKam-Directed Visual for “Full Contact”


Originally hailing from Winston Salem, North Carolina, Lil Motor has worked very hard to make a name for himself, despite coming from a place without much of a rap scene or any infrastructure to send an artist to the next level, and has built a staggering catalog that grows by the month as Motor has found consistency in his output that will certainly help elevate him past being more of a regional phenomenon. His sound is incredibly versatile and this can be attributed to how much time he has spent living in both Washington, D.C. and Birmingham, Alabama, two cities with some of the more unique and potent regional styles that are respectively having their moments right now. In Motor’s latest visual for “Full Contact” he called upon Alabama director Krispy Kam to help bring the track to life. Motor’s machine-gun staccato flow fires through each bar into the next, unrelenting and rabid in his delivery, brimming with bravado and swagger. I hope we get a new project from Motor here soon and I look forward to hearing the next track the chooses to follow “Full Contact” with.


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