Lil Queze has Nashville on Fire with His remix to PGF Nuk’s Smash-Hit “WADDUP”


Lil Queze has been by far Nashville’s most consistent and prolific rapper throughout this new decade and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Most recently he unloaded his new remix to PGF Nuk’s massive hit “WADDUP” and in less than a week the visual has already eclipsed over ten-thousand views. His bars are confrontational and braggadocios and his flow matches the original instrumental well while not simply following Nuk’s flow like filling in a Mad-Lib. BornWinnerBJ brought the video to life like he has with so many other regional classics in Tennessee and it is fair to say that his YouTube channel is in many ways the life-blood of Nashville’s rap scene. I hope Lil Queze gives us another tape this year and out of all of the “WADDUP” remixes I have seen, this is certainly my favorite.


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