Lil Rekk Has A New Blazing Video For His Single “Ooters”


This High Bridge representative has a heater on his hands with “Ooters”. With brilliant production handled by Roddie, byJ. and Okami, we hear shining pockets of instrumentation for Rekk to run with. A quintessential melodic approach, but it cuts through fluff of the common sounding raps plaguing our days.

The city creates an ominous backdrop for Rekk, all while smoke encompasses the gang. His heart is torn in between the money and his love interest, but the monetary gain will always reign supreme. The hyper-critical ears that have a distaste for modernized music will never understand this styling. You have to focus on the energy it creates, and in turn all music theory arguments should be tossed by the wayside. Lil Rekk is making some noise around his way, so tap into the gas below.


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