Listen To Denver Native Trev Rich’s New Project, “Nova”


Denver seems to produce a lot of talent these days and Trev Rich is no different. The undeniably talented rapper from Colorado has stirred up quite the buzz with his single, “Knots”. The track has caught many eyes and ears leading up to his promising album that dropped recently. With his club-ready “Knots” single still gaining momentum, Denver heavy-hitter, Trev Rich, shares his fiery new album, NOVA. The 12-track project boasts some impressive production courtesy of Blonko Beats, Sharke, GotDamnitDupri, BeatsByWin, Mysticc, and Lust. Enlisting TheyCallHimAP as the only feature on the project, Trev Rich shines and shows his range. From rapping candidly about the darker sides of the music industry on the intro, “Nova,” to serving catchy bangers for those late-night drives with “Skrt,” Trev Rich further proves he’s capable of being one of rap’s biggest stars. Take the time to check out “Knots” plus all the new music Trev Rich has in store for you.


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