Listen to Wayne Jetski’s Summer Anthem, “Faded In The Hamptons”


When it comes to hip-hop, we’re starting to see a blend of genres when it comes to the creation of the art. Some may say it’s bad for hip-hop, but those are the same people that probably hate their own lives. Sucks to suck, kid.

Artists such as Lil Nas X, Kidd G, and many others, have made a career off being in the middle ground of two artistic lanes, and this notion is only starting to grow. Enter Wayne Jetski.

His latest single “Faded In The Hamptons,” to me, is a cross blend between hip-hop, country and pop-rap, and I think Wayne hits this lane in such a perfect way, curating a very catchy, Summer-inspired single that will certainly make your beach playlist.

This may be your first experience with Wayne, but you’ll be hearing more from the rising artist for sure. Check out the new song below, and stay tuned for more.


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