Lonny Love Is Making A Name For Himself With The New Album “Hoechella”


This new energy surrounding NY is infectious, even to an outsider like myself. You have every early 2000s song being flipped on its head and accompanied by the wondrous ticks of the high hats. The bounce is different, the future is now and the world needs to get hip to a few new names in the game. Of course, you’ve heard of Cash Cobain and Chow Lee by now, but another artist in their camp is here to showcase a different world.

Lonny Love has gifted all of us a new full-length project titled Hoechella and for a rising newcomer in the game, this one is special. “How I Feel” is a real standout on the project, along with “Pillow” and “Yoohoo”. But if you’re a fan of this new realm of sample drill, we’re sure you’ll find something to rock with.

Yeah, a good portion of Hoechella is about chasing tail about the world, but it’s great music to drop for these Summer months. People want up-tempo cuts instead of that cuffing music sad shit. Lonny Love is definitely a one to watch in this game so peep the gas below.



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