Lucas Is Back With His Stunning Visuals For “Caprisun”


Lucas is back on our pages with another one, two-punch following up his latest drop “Zizou”. This time around it’s about the video for “Caprisun” and the energy brims from the seams of this one. With direction from John Luna and Free Honeyy again we see a complicated love story playing out.

What differentiates Lucas from the rest in the game is his attention to detail. He cares about the final product giving the right look to a new eye or ear. And if you aren’t willing to care about your art as much as this guy does, you’re missing out on the point. The audience is always smarter than you think and they can tell when an artist is being lazy.

Lucas and his team are 2 for 2 so far and have built some stellar momentum throughout the past months. “Caprisun” is a great, vibrant, laid-back cut to grow with, so do yourself a favor and peep it all below.


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