Luh Soldier Is Back With Some More Heat Called “Trench Baby 2”


Alabama has been solidifying its spot in music over the past few years with the help of Rylo and Yavo. But to not mention some of the soon-to-be legends in the conversation would be skipping over some of the best rising talents in Rap. Luh Soldier‘s Trench Baby 2 is just that, authentic waves not waiting for the people to catch up.

“Life Of A Hitta” booms gloriously to introduce this opus to the world and sparks momentum within the project. With features from Quoncho, Big Homiie G, Yungeen Ace, and obviously Yavo, you can hear the cohesive energy come together with precision. Solider has a distinct ability to speak to the streets and these cuts are sheer proof of that, but adding some extra star power never hurts.

“EOD” exudes chaotic brilliance and his echoing vocals wash our cortex from top to bottom. “Blue” changes things up for an introspective cut meshing with moving instrumentation. Sliding into “What You Rep” we are met with infectious synths and a bounce like any other. Really Luh Soldier is just getting started with his game and Trench Baby 2 is another notch in the belt. Until the next batch of gas, peep it all below.


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