Luh Soldier Linked With DJ Trebble And Miami Music MGMT On The Explosive Cut “Popovich”


This is one of the hardest drops to come out of the South this year and it’s from Birmingham’s very own Luh Soldier. With DJ Trebble at the helm of the ship from the production side “Popovich”, brought to us by Miami Music MGMT, has many traits for a potential hit, but the feeling just exudes energy. From the melding of Soldier‘s rugged smokey tonality to the billowing bass and paired percussive elements, you are forced to move around right from the jump.

Now it is to be noted that Soldier provides a seamless cadence on here and every other one of these drops. A true veteran when it comes to his craft, but his wave is unique setting him aside from the sundry of other rappers in modern times. You hear a real hunger when it comes to his music, whether it was his project with Quoncho or his collabs with fellow Alabama mainstay, Big Yavo. But Luh Soldier doesn’t need anyone to shine on his own, with a lethal pen and a styling many can only wish to duplicate, this man has what it takes to go the distance. Do yourself a favor and peep it all below.


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