Malik Elijah Returns With His Thrilling Trifecta Called “Smoke Signal”


Malik is really one of those guys. He continuously improves with each of his drops, and the identity is what remains solid. Yeah the socials are decent, but Elijah has consistent fans who eat, breathe and fiend for his music. Putting together a tour to extend the reach of his already impressive catalog is no easy feat, though it doesn’t seem like this guy is intimidated by much.

With just three brief cuts, this epic trifecta is Malik at top-tier level. Though he doesn’t need much help, there is an unreal feature from Kinrose on “Halleluyay”. This one turns out to be the personal favorite on my side because of the creative chemistry between the duo.

I love when artists drop three stunners back to back to back instead of trying to fill time for the streams. Malik cares about his art and will continue to churn out a high-quality product each and every drop. Do yourself a favor and peep this abundance of gas below.


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