Matt McGhee – 1920 (Album)


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Last night we got the first full project from Matt McGhee in a long while, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The name for his album, “1920,” came from the times and changes in his life between the ages of 19 and 20, all culminating in the release of the album on his 21st birthday.

McGhee explores a wide range of sounds on this joint, and pieces them together really well. The effects he put on his voice at times didn’t seem forced or out of place, and were sewn into the tracks rather nicely. What I also enjoyed i the variety of this album; he switches up between more slowed, smooth verses to upbeat, in-your-face raps.

While Matt really delivered on the verses, it was the marriage between his vocals and the instrumentals that really made this project what it is for me. The 10-track album featured much production from Matt himself, but also featured work from guys like fellow GramFam-er Miles Meraki, Lakim, High Class Filth, Drew Beats and more, adding up for an eclectic but sonically cohesive project.

I really enjoyed this project, especially because you can really hear the hunger behind some of his verses and the work that went into the project as a whole. It seemed really calculated and well put together, and I can definitely appreciate the attention to detail.

Listen to the full project below & enjoy. My favorite tracks are Up, Show Up & Runway.

Long live hip hop.



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