Miami’s B.A.M. Pairs With OMB Peezy For A Rugged New Wave Entitled “Street Life”


B.A.M. was shown to me by a talented and trusted ear, so you know I had to tap in. With a solid feature from Peezy, it seems like Florida has another star brimming on the horizon. Amidst a world full of rappers who don’t live what they rap, this one feels more authentic than anything. For a newcomer, B.A.M. not only holds his own, but he shines brightly as well.

Reminiscing about the ones they’ve lost to the unrelenting streets, a moment of reflection is only proper. Both of these cats reside in a melodic realm, enticing our ears when they deliver their varietals. Yes, the instrumentation is in that pain-type beat realm, but the beat portrays what it needs to, allowing for a stellar pocket to float in.

Overall this is some solid heat from an unknown artist and that’s why we fuck with it. Keep your eyes and ears on B.A.M., until the next drop, peep the gas below.


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