midwxst Is Bridging The Gap Between Emo And Hip-Hop Like No Other


In common parlance, “emo rap” has become a catch-all term for seemingly all whiny-voiced, atmospheric hip hop, made by melodramatic, alienated kids, but many people often seem to forget that the word gestures to a rich musical history that began as a subset of punk in the late 1990’s and proliferated throughout the early aughts in the form of Midwestern acts like American Football and Cap’n Jazz.

As his name would suggest, midwxst takes his cues from those groups, and “riddle,” his latest track, is an incredible example of this reinterpretation. The sonic qualities of his music are right on par with the best work of his influences – he nails the lightning fast melodies and propulsive drums, until about a third of the way through when a trap beat unforgivingly inserts itself into the track.

The transition might seem jarring at first, but it’s nothing short of a brilliant move. midwxst manages to toe the line between classic emo and contemporary trap, serving both genres with equal poise. This is the work of a true master in the making, and we can’t wait to see where he goes next. Don’t be late! Stream “riddle” at the Spotify link down below.


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