Mobile, Alabama’s Jay Montana Returns with a Two-Part Visual to “Free Smoke” and “Go Wop”


Mobile, Alabama’s Jay Montana recently ended a brief musical hiatus with his latest two-part video to his tracks “Free Smoke” and “Go Wop” which has already been doing numbers in his city, eclipsing over ten-thousand views in less than a week. With the help of Frazier Productions, Montana and co. are beginning to release music at a prolific pace yet again and Montana has been teasing his upcoming project B4DACHECK 2 over the past two months which is the sequel to his beloved 2021 release B4DACHECK. “Free Smoke” is a slower-burning and more confrontational track where Montana utilizes a more laid-back delivery which allows his bars to all land matter-of-factly which reveal his confidence despite living a treacherous life. “Go Wop” is more smooth and melodic with bouncy production courtesy of Atlanta’s AyoMuff who has a great chemistry with Jay and I look forward to hearing more collaborations from the two in the future.


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