MVW And Valee Link Yet Again For Another Classic Called “Oscar”


MVW and Valee have been building quite the foundation with their work and the latest drop “Oscar” is not losing any of the momentum. Valee is legitimately one of the best rappers in not only the underground but all of rap as well. And pairing with MVW‘s diverse instrumentation has been a key component in all of their collaborations thus far.

The gentle strums of the piano and the pristine patience that comes with the hi-hats create a brilliant pocket. It’s almost like both sides of the football are effortlessly making things happen, but the cohesion is why we love it so much. There’s a certain rugged elegance that comes with Valee‘s sound, it’s wondrously seasoned and still gets the people excited with every drop. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with MVW too, because if Valee is rocking with him, you know he has to be top-tier.


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