My Stummy Still Hurts


Ah yes, yet another day where my stomach still aches. I’ve been staying hydrated, but this question seems to always come back into the picture. When will my tummy aches suffice? Who knows for real but I’ll be okay, here’s some fire music below.

_Thesmoothcat and Wino Willy – ready set

This album was sent to me by a trusted ear so I had to dive in. This is _thesmoothcat and Wino‘s first time on our pages but with a technicolor effort like this in our face, it’s sure this won’t be their last. With touches of Jazz and abstract variations of Hiphop, you won’t be bored or skip any of these ten cuts. We have two appearances from Baton Rouge wordsmith Wakai who treats each flow as if it were one of his lasts. Cuts like “Let It Go”, “Offtop” and “Say My Name” all shine masterfully in cohesion. But truly there’s not a cut that lags behind the rest. Do yourself a favor and peep all of the gas.

48 Forty – Black Stone

This is another cut from an artist making their Chiefers debut today and he goes by the name of 48 Forty. On “Black Stone” you can hear the passion and pain he gives off to the world with sheer precision. The instrumentation surrounding his voice only accents his true feelings that radiate from this cut magnificently. His tonality is close to a Rod Wave but his unique styling and his pen tell of trials in a wonderously transcendent manner. Real feeling is exuded from this one and that’s where some of the best music is born. Get hip to 48 Forty today.

Sultanthegiant – Tsunami

This one is special to say the very least. Sultan has a magnificent sound and his voice connects with any ear it comes across. In these visuals for his cut “Tsunami”, we see him and his love interest on the beach spending some quality time together. With smiles dawning on both of their faces and the waves crashing around them, it’s truly a love song for the ages. It gives off that feeling of not being worried about what the world may bring as long as you have a special someone on your team. Great music makes you feel something and Sultan did just that, tap into his world above.


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