Never Give Up


It’s up to you. How long you want to play, or even put up with shit you hate. You can leave, you can change, you can fix it. But the important thing is resilliance. The tenacity to get kicked in the dick and keep going. Well thats it. Keep going and never give up.

Jord4neverdied – Tactic!

This one was sent to me by a trusted ear and it’s like a futuristic world wind right from the jump. I guess you would consider this Hyperpop, but the melding of the pitched-up vocals and energetic production radiate in that direction. But whatever you’d like to categorize this as Jord4neverdied has brought us some real auditory bliss with “Tactic!” It’s unique, refreshing, and pushes people to listen to something out of the ordinary or something they’re not used to. What really pushes the boundaries in art, is when the curator of said creation isn’t afraid of judgment or critique. Yes, they know it will come regardless, but if you make art scared you’re doing yourself a disservice. “Tactic!” isn’t safe and thats why we love it.

T-Bruin – Highs Never Last

T-Bruin really comes through with transparent and thought provoking music.¬† He blessed us with seven tracks, where he hear him showcase his brilliance with sheer precicion. Of course with NYC being a hotbed for talent and wordsmiths, our protagonist continues to prove that he’s meant to be a part of the conversation. The waves he paints with Highs Never Last and just overall with his aesthetic in general makes for a brilliant moment sharing an ode to the classic rap tone of the city. His band Black Chevy is composed of passionate and talented artists who have a simliar vision for where they want to go with their artistry. Bruin is one of those artists to watch this year because of the consistency he brings to the table.¬†Overall Highs Never Last is a heartfelt ambiance of his joys, pain and passion. Don’t sleep on T-Bruin.¬†Highs Never Last

LAIVY FT. Buppy. – Peace of Mind

Another day, another Pop wave masterfully delivered to us by none other than LAIVY and Buppy. Aside from the fact that both of these artists on there own have been on our pages a numerous amount of times, now they’ve joined forces for the stellar new single “Peace Of Mind”. The passion and songwriting that this duo brings to the table is that of real music veterans and these two have a combined age that’s lower than our parents. The difference in tonality from LAIVY‘s register, flowing into Buppy.‘s brilliant vocal approach astounds the ear from start to finish. It’s no surprise here, that this duo made a cut worth peeping. “Peace Of Mind” is a brilliant mood for your Spring, so don’t get left behind.


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