Nkosi Bourne Is Making Noise With The Mellow “Drowning”


Nkosi was put on my radar by a good friend of mine and his sound stayed around for good measure. In these frames for “Drowning” we see a simplistic yet, a brilliant set of shots to delve into. The pattern of subtle percussion adds to the allure of the simplistic visuals. Though because they don’t bask in some sort of heavily edited world, that doesn’t mean they aren’t top-tier.

Instead, these scenes accent Nkosi by letting the subject matter and his talents shine through. A cool-down session is what this song feels like an almost a chance to escape that excessive stress. Directed by Lorenzo Graziano this day in the life translates into a mini-movie showcasing the world of Nkosi. A vivid styling from start to finish on all sides of the ball. Get hip to the wave and peep it all below.


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