OnCue Unleashes a Bar Barrage in the No Frills “Tax Season” Visual


At the time of writing this, OnCue‘s Nicolas George Carle-directed visual for “Tax Season” just crossed over 1,000 views thanks in small part to me running it back 4 times in a row. The “it” factor of this track and his simple yet effective video is overtly undeniable and comes well equipped with replay value. On what would normally be the day the government come to collect a part of your check, he cleverly pays homage to the worst federal holiday on the calendar by rapping “April 15th, times up, bitch I’m taxing” over moody synths that lay perfectly under trap snares compliments of Turbz, Lifeoftheo and Cue himself. Luckily for us weed smoking types of individuals, the tax deadline has been extended due to a fucking pandemic, but this man just gave us a new anthem to roll back every mid-April that also has a ton of other fantastic lyrical moments. Now stop reading and go run this one up.


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