One Week Later: Kodak Black’s Album “Dying To Live” Might Just Be The New Testament


Broward legend Kodak Black released a vivid album that depicts his past and present life to a T. The album, titled Dying To Live, hit the market last week and so did Kodak, appearing on everything from the Breakfast Club, all the way to Jimmy Kimmel for a special performance. Kodak has undoubtedly made his mark again with a powerful and meaningful project to feed to the streets. I had some time this past week to reflect on the amazing records Kodak carefully crafted for this impeccable album that is being heard around the world.

The features on Dying To Live range from Lil Pump on “Gnarly,” where the inner South Florida comes out from both Kodak and Pump. Following up, is the hit record “ZEZE” with Travis Scott and Offset, gracing the mic with witty punchlines and a catchy hook for years to come. Kodak then taps Juice WRLD for the last feature on the song, “MoshPit,” that will surely have the crowd erupt when they hear the SkipOnDaBeat and Natra Average produced track creep up in the speakers. Nonetheless, Kodak strategically appointed these features to not only make some great music, but to attract multiple demographics as well. A very smart move on Kodak and his team to get the most exposure for what really is a great album.

A song that holds a lot of magnitude on this album has to be “Testimony” produced by Major Nine. Kodak preached his sermon that entails a lot of past tribulations and the obstacles Kodak had to overcome. If you’ve been listening to Kodak for a while like myself, you know this record is one of many real spill gems Kodak has released over the years. The world is just now seeing how intellectual and smart Kodak Black actually is… about damn time. Nonetheless, Kodak was God sent on this record and  got his message across clearly. I hope all his homies got to watch him on the TV.

“This Forever” might just be my favorite track off the album. Due to the fact that London On Da Track, Rex Kudo, and Thomas III completely bodied the production. Kodak doesn’t shy away from who Kodak is, and makes sure we know he’s “Cut from a different cloth, I’m a different fabric,” which is also the astounding hook. Kodak is from the streets and that’ll never leave his side, ever.

“Identify Theft” continues with the same theme as Kodak doesn’t shy away from his gangster mentality, but showcased his elevated thinking and improved ways. Kodak delivers a heart-felt track in honor of S. Florida legend, XXXTENTACION on the record “Malcolm X.X.X,” which was produced by Major Nine. The track is laced with powerful messages about the realities of their lives many can’t and will not ever understand. Kodak is becoming a changed man, like his dear friend X was becoming as well before his tragic death. Many say rap is like the WWE, but instances like X’s passing reminds us that this shit is real and Kodak puts his efforts into highlighting that topic.

My top song off the album has to be “Calling My Spirit,” produced by Southside and Jake One. I highly enjoy the flow Kodak goes with on this record and I’m bobbing my head as I’m typing this sentence thinking about the track. Along with the audio version, we got a visual before Dying To Live dropped and it just brings the song that much more life. This will be a top played song by me alone for some time.

Ultimately, this album really is all about the majority of us dying to live by trying to have the nicest things or flex on your peers instead of just living and enjoying the time you have on this earth. Kodak teaches you to not worry about your past mistakes but to learn and improve for them. I really could go on and on about how good this album is and why Kodak Black is the real goat. I owe a huge thank you to the kid in my english class, junior year who put me on Kodak and his mixtape, Project Baby. You were onto something my guy. Nonetheless, if you haven’t listened to this album, please do. Let me know what I should of wrote in this article. Dying To Live, out now. Enjoy!


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